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If you’ve ever met me, chances are you already know that I’m a big Notion fan. I discovered this tool when working at makesense and got hooked. Now I use it to organise pretty much everything in my life, among which, my projects. Our Millennials Today’s content archive has always been a (random) table on Notion where I kept track of my publications. So, when the old website crashed, I naturally looked into solutions to use this archive as a fondation for a new landing page, which led me to discover diverse tools to turn your notion page into a functional website. Here is a list:


Fruition is free of use. The site is an open-source guide to help you set-up your site « in 10 minutes ». All you need to do is to follow the tutorial, copy-paste your notion pages links and change your site’s DNS.

I used it for the first version of Our Millennials Today’s archive (before turning to Popsy when I rebranded the project’s website). Since it was my first time setting up external DNS on a website it took me quite some time but other than that, it was very efficient.

pros : free of use, efficient solution if you’re looking to prototype your concept quickly

cons : takes a bit of time to set-up, the code editor isn’t really user-friendly (especially if you’re new to coding like me), website customisation is limited (if you’re not familiar with coding / javascript), little to no area to configure your SEO


As Fruition, Popsy is a free solution to design your website. All you need to launch your website is to grab your notion link, buy a domain and log in with a gmail account.

I have designed Our Millennials Today’s new website with this tool after testing Fruition. I really liked the smooth interface, its on boarding (perfect for noobs) and the possibility to customise your website with more features than Fruition – the navigation bar or button creation for instance. It allows you to build quickly a functional and professional looking website without thinking about it too much. Note that you can always pay to have access to priority support, custom coding space and remove the popsy branding.

Note that if you’re not ready yet to pay for a domain name you can always deploy your site with a domain instead.

pros : free of use, has diverse templates and tutorials to help you master popsy, SEO-friendly, quick to master, quick and efficient support service, listens to the customers’ needs, no website limit (even in the free version)

cons : website customisation limited (but ok if you’re looking for something functional)

👋 The last two options are the « oldest » solutions (popsy is new to the game) allowing you to build websites with notion. I haven’t tested the both but they’re well established in the field


Super is an all-in-on and easy to use notion website-builder known for its usability and user-friendly editor.
Super’s platform is, indeed, very easy to understand. You can play around with your first website (domain before deciding whether or not you’d like to purchase the premium version. Super offers a single pricing of 12$ per month per website. It includes many features as code customisation, a plethora of themes and templates to pick from, quick support and, of course, domain customisation.

On top of that, Super automatically generates a sitemap for your website to be crawlable – to better rank on search engines –, as well as pretty links to optimise your SEO.

As a whole, I really enjoyed using Super, but I admit having a soft spot for popsy, which offers a wider free playground for cheap people like me 👀

pros : the platform is easy to use, you can customise your website with code (css/html) in the free version, quick support, SEO optimisation (👈 this is the main distinction VS. other builders), domains that allow you to experiment without purchasing your own name until you’re ready

cons : the pricing – it is the same as any other instance, I just have a lot of websites running already to play around with concepts throwing money out of the windows


Pretty much like Super, Potion is an all-in-on and. easy to use notion website-builder. I haven’t tested it out yet. From what I’ve read, it’s very much like

In terms of pricing, Potion is made to allow people to build multiple websites without spending too much. All plans (3 in total) are affordable and starts at 96$/year with a single website.

In short, those tools are perfect for quick prototyping and/or building your first « brand draft »

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