What if tomorrow energy could be generated everywhere? What if we could approach the subject in a fun and collectively way?

Today MERGY is a collaborative board game in paper design inspired from “hero books”. The players team up to try and light up the place using kinetic energy only. Tomorrow, MERGY will be a real-life experience were people will collectively power their festival.

The project was created at thecamp during our HIVE residency in 6 months – from ideation to prototype. We presented our game at the 2018 edition of the Dour festival for a quantitative user testing.


Apolline Rigaut



Agile manager who discovered a passion for tinkering while prototyping


Paper magician

Young graphic designer with a colourful universe.

 Has a soft spot for paper design 


Here are some articles you can browse to have another point of view on the project and on the HIVE production (French only):

A special thanks to¬†Ana√Įs Texier who helped us in the project’s early stages and Florence Grosse for¬†her precious help on the project.

Pictures are all © thecamp and © MERGY

Graphics an paper design are all ©Julie Guidicelli

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