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Apolline, dairy-free since 93

Hello 👋

I’m Apolline Rigaut, a literary manager specialised in entrepreneurship, design and english (translation, civilisation). I’ve been away from my masters degree at emlyon business school since 2017; when I had the opportunity to join the first cohort of thecamp creative residency program (HIVE) in Southern France. There, I gained  experience in developing and leading entrepreneurial projects. I then decided to join makesense in order to better understand what processes are really at stake when creating your own venture and help young entrepreneurs blossom.

On the side, I created Our Millennials Today, a media collecting young graduates’ stories about career orientation, which has now evolved into a newsletter (among other things) diving deep into our orientation mechanisms. You can subscribe to follow up on the project (and if you’d rather, here is also its instagram)


I’m passionate about learning new things, connecting with new people and creating content to share that knowledge (keynotes, workshops, vidéos, articles, etc.).

Working in pluri-disciplinary teams drives me, as building bridges between disciplines and methodologies. I think this appeal comes from my rather eclectic background in literature and management. During my HIVE residency, I started to explore a new field: design. Not only does it teach me better ways of being more user-oriented, it also helps me to focus more on solving a problem fast and efficiently.

I’m always on the look for new adventures / challenges, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Want to collaborate? Drop me a line on Linkedin or by email (helllo@apolline.xyz)

Roland Barthes


I always had a thing for stories ; I feel like it helps me resonate better with people, get inspired and, in my down moments, be reassured. 

This website is the result of my wanting to share fragments of my (short) experience while collecting others’ (cf. Our Millennial Today’s site or newsletter for more). I chose the name in homage to Roland Barthes, a French writer who was obsessed with fragments.

If you’re wondering what I do in real life all my professional info is here

See you on the other side 🐋